Will Air Charging Rule All Technology World in 2020 ???

Air Charging (or) Wireless Charging Through Air is The Dream For the Major Manufacturing and Gadget producing Companies, They Had to put Efforts Towards to Invent Air Charging Technology and Keep those technologies in 2020 Market.

Will Air Charging Rule All Technology World in 2020 ???
Will Air Charging Rule All Technology World in 2020 ???

The Air Charging Also Works As The Technology That Wi-Fi Routers Implement. Technology Giant Ossia Had cleared The Approval from FCC, This Technology Named as Ossia’s Cota Wireless Power System. This company Showed a Prototype of Transmitter Which looked like a Desk Lamp.

Ossia Will Install 2.4 GHz Transmitter Wherever They are needed like Offices and Houses and Public Environment Etc, In 2020 We Can Able Expect a Receiver Which Can Charger your Devices From 1 Meter Away From The Transmitter.

The Company C.E.O Said That in 2021 Ossia Will Install Transmitters Over All Cars and Houses Where There is The Requirement of This Technology.

Future Prediction :

  1. There Will Be An Air Charger Transmitter in Every House and Public Areas at the End of 2024.
  2. There Will a Huge Bandwidth Supply of the Transmitter for Longer Distances.
  3. At the End 2024 Almost All The Public Environment Covers With Air Charging Transmitters.
  4. All Tech Giants Encourage this Technology To Simplify The Human Era.
  5. All Gadgets and Automobiles are Charged with Air Charging Technology as By the End of 2024 There will be More Than 40%  of Automobile Industry Covered Up with Electric Cars and Bikes.