Top variety of crimes using technology|Techbells|Tech effects

In Today’s world, the technology is well developed and still developing day by day. Technology made human life more comfortable and easier. But the same technology is used as a threat. Various crimes are happening in the society using technology. Now, let us discuss the top variety of crimes using technology.

Top variety of crimes using technology|Techbells|Tech effects
Top variety of crimes using technology|Techbells|Tech effects

Ransomware Attacks

The Ransomware is software that restricts the access of an individual system by freezing or blocking the computer screen. This encrypts the stored files and attacks the internal and external storage of the system. With this, the attackers demand a huge ransom in exchange for the decryption key. The ransomware attacks are very dangerous and can run in the background without the owner’s knowledge.  

Social Media Deception

The social media deception is very happening very frequently. The attackers hack the login credentials of an individual and access it illegally. They even collect the user's contact details and make it beneficially for making money. The hackers even blackmail the victims by threatening them to reveal their secrets or privacy. These crimes are done irrespective of the age groups.

E-Commerce/ Shopping Scam

In recent days, many people are becoming victim to e-commerce fraud. While doing any money transaction through net banking in e-commerce sites, the user asked to open the attached files if the user opens or clicks on the link malicious program will automatically download in the system. Then fraudsters gather the information and claim money from victims through scams.

Email Scam

The email has become a commercial channel for communication purposes. Hackers will hack the email accounts and trap the victims in the scam. They use your email id and change the supplier bank details as yours and cheat by taking all your money. Hackers even use victim details and seek money from their contacts. This scam is highly rated in cybercrimes.

Techniques Crimes regarding Online Games

These crimes happen in online games. Hackers will access user account illegally and transfer their roles, props, and instruments and sell them to third parties. Here, victims cannot recover their details and need to borrow from others.