Mind Control Mobiles

Today’s technology is at the next level and satisfies all human needs. Now the future buzz is Mind Control Mobiles. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Let us see.

Mind Control Mobiles
Mind Control Mobiles

The mind controlling mobiles are the science fiction to the techies. Many scientific researchers of various manufacturer technology labs are working to bring mind-controlling mobiles. The mind control mobiles are a type of headset that the user needs to wear for its activation. Let’s get into more information.

How will the Mind Control Mobiles work?

The electrical signals of the neurons will generate the electric fields that spread out the brain tissues as electrical waves. These waves will get in contact with the electrodes that happen by touching the human scalp. Also, the brain waves in the EEGs provide insight into the brain functions and start the internal function of working. The scientists also stated that the brain waves listen to the brain and work on selective brain control functions with TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation).  

What Mind Control Mobiles Do?

The mind control technology helps you to perform the physical and vocal actions just by memorizing it with the mind. Through this, you don’t need to open the app and perform the action manually. There are many actions that you can do just by tasking it with your brain.

Play Media: You no more need to touch your mobile and open files and play video or music. Just give a task with your mind and control the device with your eyes focus.

Call Contact: Many times you may call the wrong contact and get frustrated with your phone. But now you can call a particular contact by just looking on the phone screen. Focus on the particular contact and the call will automatically connect to that person. Isn’t it amazing?

Turn on & off devices: Now-a-days, power saving is major and important task to handle. By using any other electronic devices you can give the vocal or manual task to perform. But with the mind controlling devices, you can implement the task visually.

 Mind Control Mobiles will shake the world when launched. Aren’t you excited about it?