All you want to know about the top government hacks

Not only are the individuals, but hackers are also not leaving the government. Even there are many incidents that can prove that the hackers made a lot of damage to the Government by hacking the government sites. In this article, we can discuss the latest and most viral government's hacks. Check out the top Government Hacks

All you want to know about the top government hacks
All you want to know about the top government hacks

The top government hacks are:

U.s. Voter DataBase: This is the direct hack that damaged nearly 191 million people data base. It was happened in the elections time in 2015 and also considered as the largest government data breaches. This database comes into the open internet which includes the personal info, Parties registration, emails, addresses, etc of all the registered voters in the 50 states.

National Archives and Records Administration: NARA, is the second most government hack the world ever witnessed. Nearly 76 million people affected due to this hacking. It all happens when data is connected to the malware corrupted hard drive and the records of the administration are leaked in 2009.

U.S Department of Veteran Affairs: This actually happened in the year 2006, may nd nearly 26.5 million people are affected due to this hacking. Actually this happened when a laptop containing sensitive information about the VA was lost.  All the personal information of the people are lost. After three years the government settled the case by paying the sum of the amount of $20 million.

U.S Office personal Management: This is also the recent hacking. This OPM generally manages the list of all people who are currently working and the persons having the employment background. Nearly 21.5million people have been affected by this hack, and there is also information that the data was not encrypted at the time of the breach.

Virginia Department of Health Professional: In 2009 a hacker was alleged to breach a Virginia health website. Nearly he hacked the information of about 8.3 million Virginians. Later the hackers demand $1o million in exchange for the information.

These are the top 5 government hacks that can be remembered to ages