The Top 10 camera hacks that help you a lot|Tech bells|Tech effects

Digital cameras which are generally used to take photographs and photography are now one of the budding professionals in the market. We can observe different styles of photographs in the market.

The Top 10 camera hacks that help you a lot|Tech bells|Tech effects
The Top 10 camera hacks that help you a lot|Tech bells|Tech effects

Even we can also try the pro techniques which we can generally see among the professional photographs.  We should definitely try the hacks to portray our photographs in a creative and different style. Here are the top 10 tips which can help you to turn your normal photographs into a professional one

 The Top 10 camera hacks that help you a lot

Use your timer for the steady shots:  It is really a hard job to take the steady photos some time.  This problem generally arises when we have to take the shot and we have little shaking hands then automatically when we click on the camera’s shutter the resultant we will get is a blur and shaky images. We can find this maximum with everyone at least once in 10 pictures. So, in these situations, we can easily capture nice pose with the help of a timer.  By keeping the timer count we can adjust ourselves according to the timer.

Stabilizing camera with a tennis ball: If the timer technique is also failed you can use this tennis ball technique which can help you to create non-shaky images. The thing you have to do is keep weight to the tennis ball. Attach it to the camera, that’s it the weight in the tennis ball helps you to stabilize the camera.

Create the duplicate background to remove the dirty or unliked backgrounds: Actually in photographs Backgrounds play the key role. Even we can blur them using advanced lenses. But some backgrounds do not suit the pose or the photographs. In that situation, we had a chance to create the green screen with the help of our back round and can erase the original one.

Room freshener helps to create the automatic camera: In the automatic room freshener, we can find the servo motors. With the help of these servo motors, we can create a remote camera. This can help us to create our own portrays without the need of a separate photographer.

The paper helps as the simple flash softbox: We can actually find plenty of options in the DIY flash diffusers. We can also make one with the help of paper. You need flash but you hate the harsh light then you can use this paper by turning it into a softbox.

Old binoculars help us as the lenses: With the help of old binoculars set we can make our own lense. This is not a real replacement for the original one but it can help you almost if you can't afford the original.

Take wireless photos with your iDevice: There are many apps that can help you to take photos from your mobile phone when they are connected by the app with your device.

Create your own Bokeh: Generally, this is used for the out- range photographs and with the help of your creativity.

Paint with light: we can really find some cool photographs when we capture the light in a slow-motion in the dark rooms. All it needs is little patience and creativity

Supercharge your point and shoot: CHDK in Canon Point or shoot and Magic Lantern in Canon DSLR are the two gateways that help you to create the advanced version.

These 10 hacks help you a lot to create the pro-creative photographs.