Here is the list of Top 10 tech magic tricks around the world

Do you love seeing magic? I think many of the people are just attracted to see and do magic tricks. However, there are many tricks for attracting people with some of the logic-less magic.

Here is the list of Top 10 tech magic tricks around the world
Here is the list of Top 10 tech magic tricks around the world

Science also contributes its own role in creating astonishing and stunning magic tricks. In this article, we bring you some interesting and astonishing techniques with the help of science and let us create a stunning magic trick.

Top 10 magic tricks with the help of science and technology

Burning money: This is considered as one of the finest and most astonishing magic tricks. The audience can connect easily with this one if it is their first time to see this trick. Generally, this magic trick takes place by burning down the currency note and the fire comes from one end to another but the currency note will not burn. This trick actually depends on the everyday chemistry and if you repeat the trick using any other paper except currency the note will burn

Water into the wine: This is also one of the tricks that only need science. In this trick, the clear liquid can turn into red blood or red wine. Whereas you can again turn it back into the clear liquid. This is basically done using some chemistry formulas.

Smoking fingers:  Do you know you can use science in making your fingers smoke. Smoking fingers can get a lot of attraction from all around the world. For this trick, all you want to do is to rub your fingers and there is a start of dark smoke from your fingers. The smoke is the vaporization of prosperous and it will glow in dark too.

Egg in the bottle:  You never expected that an egg can easily suit in a bottle. But the truth is using some basic science tricks we can easily fit an egg from the open of the bottle without disturbing any of those eggs.

Traveling Flame Trick: In this trick, we will light the candle by blowing off the other candle. The theme of this trick is that the light has to travel. We can easily relight the candle by using some science topics.

Bending Water: Do you ever witnessed the bending water trick. It is considered as one of the most attracted magic tricks. This trick is performed by using some static electricity to move the water in the required flow.

Diving ketchup magic trick: In this trick, we have to place the ketchup packet in the bottle of water and want to make it flow in the water. It has to follow your command also. However, this magic involves some basic science and it is very easy to try.  Squeezing and releasing the bottle changes the size of the air bubble inside the ketchup packet. This alters the density of the packet, causing it to sink or float. Anne Helmenstine.

Liquids trading: Take two glasses of different colored water. Keep the opening end upon one another by adding the cardboard or any other medium in between. Then you can witness the switching of the liquids. All you need is a science illustration to do this.

Match and water fire: Keep a match stick in the water and lit the matchstick. You can just transfer the water into the glass that is used to cover the match stick with some basic science techniques.

Disappearing Ink: This trick is very familiar and easy too. You need chemicals to disappear and reappear of the ink.