Do You Know The How Top Crimes That Are Caught in CC TV Cameras?

Surveillance or CC tv Cameras are now playing a vital role in solving many crimes. It can even focus on the 100 feet distance from its fixed position. We are now frequently listening to the words, CC is here or CC helped a lot in solving the case. What not surveillance cameras created security to the residencies from thefts, Robberies, etc. In this list lets check out the top crimes that are caught in the surveillance cameras.,

Do You Know The How Top Crimes That Are Caught in CC TV Cameras?
Do You Know The How Top Crimes That Are Caught in CC TV Cameras?

Top crimes that are caught in the surveillance cameras.

Foil-covered bank robbery: This incident actually taken place in the year 2016. The accused tied themselves from top-to-toe with the aluminum foil to fool the alarms at the Santa Catarina bank. However, the plan worked and next they focused on the surveillance as there is a need to escape. But the police caught them with the help of Surveillance and the two are taken into custody.

22-year old women abduction: Freeland-Gaither was o9nce abducted in Philadelphia in the year 2014. Local police were aided to some of the exterior cops to chase the case. However, the cops recognized the car of the accused and found the victim. Later the accused was taken into custody.

Grand theft livestock case: Grand theft Livestock is a case u0pon the two Florida men who initiated the stealing of cows. However, police track them using the surviving e cameras and the accused are taken into the charge.

Bomber at the Boston Marathon: This captivation occurs in 2013. In early 2013 a terrorist attack was followed and this news is been published in almost all the news networks. Surveillance helped the police to watch every step of the attackers.  The investigation later revealed that the Tsarnaev brothers and their movements during the Boston Marathon and subsequent bombings.

Criminal caught by drone surveillance: Generally, Police only use fixed cameras for the surveillance. But American police once used Drone surveillance to catch the thief maybe it was the first time to use this type of surveillance. So this drone surveillance used is the first time ever in those days.

The murder solved by Lowe’s Security Footage: Police suspected George Tiaffy of murdering his wife, but the police have a lack of evidence. However, Lowe’s security footage helped the police.

The murder mystery of Kletzky: Leiby Kletzky was an 8-year-old boy who was disappeared after his school in 2011. Later checking the different surveillance cameras the policeman comes to the conclusion that he was abducted and killed by the same person.

London nail bomber: The London nail bomber terrified the whole city in 1999. It takes approximately 13b days to take the three bombs. All the credits should go for the surveillance cameras.

Hannah Grahams disappeared: In 2014 when Annah graham began attending the University of Virginia, She went missing. That night she went to a party and the police noticed her in almost all the cameras. But she was missing. They also find a stranger in the footage. Later they came to the conclusion that the stranger was the accused of the death of Annah

Naked Burglar: There are a series of robberies that once happened in the city of Georgia in 2014. A man seemed to be naked and only had a cowboy hat is the accused and with the help of surveillance cameras police later arrested him.

 These are the top 10 crimes that are been completed with the help of surveillance cameras.